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Martin-Pierre Frenette

A French-Canadian professional TYPO3 developer from Montréal, Québec, who married his college girlfriend in 1999 and who is raising with her a wonderful girl born in 2002.

All three currently live with their two dogs in Rivière-Des-Prairies, a calm Montreal city neighborhood riddled by wonderful bike lanes and bike friendly parks and streets which Martin-Pierre explores on his bicycle with his family or while listening to Audio books on a Soundbot SB571 Bluetooth speaker.

On rainy or cold days, he plays Boardgames with his family or friends, when he isn’t working on his own personal projects.

President of is a web development and hosting company with clients in over 32 countries.

It was co-founded by Martin-Pierre in 2001 on a basic idea: To offer affordable, professional, flexible and personalized service to clients of all sizes.

Senior TYPO3 Developer

TYPO3 Developer

Let’s be blunt: no other TYPO3 developer in North America has more experience with TYPO3 than Martin-Pierre.

Building full time with TYPO3 since 2001:

    • A few thousand templates integrated
    • Built Over 1500 custom TYPO3 extensions
    • Trained dozens of TYPO3 developers
    • Trained hundreds of TYPO3 users



Graduated at the top of College Lionel-Groulx‘s Systèmes Ordinés‘s program with 3 honor mentions.

Unique “Mention D’excellence” from Lionel-Groulx

Mention D'excellence

This unique award was created specifically for Martin-Pierre Frenette in 1997, a year before his graduation because he was the best student of his program. Normally, only graduating students are eligible for an award and this award is unique in the history of the college and given in part because Martin-Pierre’s grade in his second year vastly surpassed the best student graduating in 1997.

Bell Canada Scholarship from Lionel-Groulx

Bell Canada Scholarship

This scholarship is given on a yearly basis to the best student graduating from the program “Technologie des Systèmes Ordinés” at the Lionel-Groulx College. Martin-Pierre Frenette was the recipient in 1998.

Imasco Scholarship from the OTPQ

Imasco Scolarship

This scholarship is given by the “Ordre des Technologues Professionels du Québec” on a yearly basis to the best student graduating from the program “Technologie des Systèmes Ordinés” for the entire province of Québec. Martin-Pierre Frenette was the recipient in 1998.

Script writer

Script Writer

Four movie scripts and a Web series in development, with the first drafts of a trilogy and the Web series already written.

Almost 20 years of planning for an epic almost-hard science-fiction series.