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Between Two Cities

Between Two Cities is one of the games I supported on KickStarter and it most likely now my favorite pledge.

In this game for 3 to 7 players (with solo and two player variants), the players each help build two cities composed of 16 tiles each (4 by 4).

This game uses a special drafting rule so that you have to pick which tiles you will place each turn and which ones will you pass to your neighbours…

Oddly enough, as you will soon see, passing a certain tile can actually help you long term..

Tiles are one of the following 6 types:

    • Commercial Space
    • Office Space
    • Parks
    • Industrial Space
    • Recreational space, called Taverns in the tules (either Music, Inn, Food or Bar)
    • Houses

Each of the type has it’s own scoring rule which use synergy: the more of a single type usually scores more point per tile. For example, a single park awards 2 points, but 2 adjoining parks are worth 8 points instead of 4, and adding a 3rd park nets 12 points instead 6. Further parks however only increase the points by 1 point since bigger parks are less desirable…

Commercial Space for example can be placed anywhere but any Commercial space touching a Recreational space award a bonus point, as for Taverns, you gain points by diversity.

Houses however, are worth 1 point each PER other color in the city, provided they don’t touch a factory: if they do, they are only worth 1 point.

Between two Cities is a drafting game composed of 3 rounds: each player begins with 7 tiles, place one in each of his cities and passes the rest either left (for the first round) or right (for the 3rd and final round).

In the second round, special dual tile tiles are played, but not passed around.

Cooperative Competition

What’s really interesting is that each of your cities is built in cooperation with one of your neighbours: you are in effect not in front of your own city, but between two cities, each build by two players.

And yet, your score is your own, because your final score at the end of the game is the point value of your lowest city, so the city with the highest score is never used for any player! That forces you to concentrate on both of your cities, making you do hard difficult, sometimes even heart breaking choices…


Not only is it a game which supports from 1 to 7 players, but one top of that, it can be played in roughly 15 minutes with a lot of strategy and yet, help from two neighbours…

What’s not to like? Between Two Cities is now one of my favorite games and I can’t wait to try with more players…


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