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Carcassonne (Big Box #2)

Carcassone is a tile laying game in which players, each turn, lay a tile to build the medieval region of Carcassonne and it’s famous walls. 

You may also place a single meeple on your just laid tiles in order to place a Knight (on a city), a Robber (on a road), a Farmer (on a field) or a Monk (on a Monastery), to try to make points later in the game.

You may only play your meeple on a non-occupied feature, meaning that you can’t place a Robber if you extend a road with an existing Robber elsewhere on it, but later one, two features with different meeples can be joined, allowing to share the work of another player or every steal the work if you have more meeple than they do!

When you complete a feature, such as closing both ends of a road or closing in a city, you score that feature and take back your meeple. Farms are never completed however and are only scored at the end of the game.

The Big Box #2, now out of print (Bix Bog #5 was already published!) contains 5 Expansions (even if the box says 8, because 3 of the expansions are double expansions now sold together):

    • Traders and Builders
    • The Tower
    • Inns & Cathedrals
    • The Princess and the Dragon
    • The River


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