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How to automatically fill your gas tank

In the past, there was a little lock on the gas station nozzles which allowed you to fill your gas tank automatically until it was full.

This was removed for safety reasons, notably if a fire erupts: if the nozzle is locked on, it would then turn into an uncontrollable fire launcher and no one wants that.

In the South of the USA, I am pretty sure no one cares that you have to hold the nozzle, but when it’s -40 with the wind factor in Montreal, and the nozzle has been sitting outside… gloves just aren’t enough.

Oh, and by the way, -40 is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit…

So, I found a trick: if you slide your gas tank cap under the nozzle, but not fully in, just barely enough to hold it, it will not only let your keep your hands in your pockets during the cold winter days while you fill in your gas tank, but on top of that, it will jump out when the gas tank will be full. Just make sure to touch your car while you do it to prevent a static discharge.


Not all gas caps will work, but I have taught this trick to a lot of people and so far, I’ve had a 100% success rate.

Safety first

There are precautions to take, and I am serious: gasoline is an explosive!

    • Do not use the trick if your cap isn’t attached to the car, otherwise the cap could stay in place if the nozzle is kicked off, causing a spill
    • Do not go back into your car or you might cause a static discharge
    • Do not move away from your car as you are still responsible
    • Do not push the gas tank fully in or it might stay stuck
    • Do not use this trick if the nozzle lever is fully pushed to its end as it might not disengage properly

Finally, I am in no way responsible for what may occur, so try it at your own risks…


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