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James Ernest’s Totally Renamed Spy Game

Originally called “Before I kill you Mr Bond”, James Ernest, of Cheapass Games, had to rename it due to a trademark violation and did so with the humor we have come to recognize from him over the years…

In this game, you play an evil spy villain building a lair and hoping to capture those pesky spies that keep infiltrating spy lairs.

Each turn, you draw 2 cards from the deck, play up to 1 lair card worth from 1 to 4 points, and then, can have any non revealed spy from the table attack any lair on the table (including yours).

And when they say, any spy, they mean it: spy cards have a different back then other cards and a such, when it’s time to play a spy, you can:

    • Play it from your hand
    • Play it from the top of the draw pile
    • Play it from the hand of another player!

The only catch is that you pick the base to attack before you draw the spy…

If the spy value is higher than the lair value (or is one of the annoying 4 bombs), the lair blows up! That is, all of the lair cards are discarded.

If the spy value is lower or equal to the lair value, it is captured by the player controlling the lair and that player may kill that spy to earn the spy value in points.

But wait, don’t you want to taunt the spy first?

If you have a taunt card in your hand, you may play it to double the value of the spy, but the other players may then play a taunt of the same letter to let the spy escape (and blow up the lair in the way out).

If the taunt succeeds, you may even play yet another (different) one to double again the number of points, but once again, the other players have a chance to block you, and if they do, you do not score any points and the lair blows up.

You may continue until you run out of Taunts, you decide to kill the spy or your lair explodes and, if appropriate, you then add your points to your total.

First player to the proper number of victory points wins!


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