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Love Letter

Love Letter is a weird but fun little card game with only 16 playing cards and 13 wood tokens…

The goal of the game is to have the highest ranked card at the end of the round (when no cards are left to draw) or be the last player standing.

You start with a single card in your hand. Each turn, you draw a card, bringing your number of cards up to two, and play one of those two. The played card has an effect, and once that effect is played, play passes to the next player.

When the current player cannot draw a card, every player reveals their single card in hand and the highest value wins the round. If only one player is left, that player wins the round.

Cards that are discarded are placed on the table so that everyone can see which cards have been played to try and help them guess the other player’s card in hand.

Simple enough, no?

Cards each have power and represent a person to which you will give your love letter for the Princess to at the end of the evening.

    • The Guards, worth 1 point (5 of them) let you try to guess the card of another player (you can’t guess a Guard however). If you are right, that player is out of the round.
    • The Priest, worth 2 points (2 of them), let you see the card of another player
    • The Baron, worth 3 points (2 of them), let you compare secretly your other card in hand with the card in another player’s hand. The lowest number is out of the round.
    • The Handmaid, worth 4 points (2 of them), will simply protect you until your next turn from all of the other cards.
    • The Prince, worth 5 points (2 of them), will force one player (might be yourself), to discard their card and draw another one
    • The King, worth 6 points (1 of him), will let you trade your other card with the card of another player
    • The Countess, worth 7 points (1 of her), You have to play it if your other card is the King or a Prince
    • The Princess, worth 8 points (1 of her). since she is the destination of the love letter, if you discard her, you are our of the round.

The game is fun, silly and fast. It’s a social deduction game played in quick speed and after losing a round, almost everyone wants an immediate revenge.

We are supposed to play until you get 5, 6 of 7 victories (depending on the number of players), but honestly, we use it as a filler between games and often play only 2 or 3 amazing rounds.




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