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No Thanks!

No Thanks is a simple and yet fun little filler game.

You start with 11 chips and the deck of cards numbers 3 to 35 , with 9 random missing cards hidden away, and one revealed on the table.

Each turn, you have have 2 choices:

    • Pay a chip on the card to pass your turn
    • Pick up the card along with any chips on it, and reveal a new card for the next player

The goal of the game is to have as little points as possible when adding all of your cards and subtracting your remaining chips.

Here is the catch however: if you make a sequence of consecutive cards, only the lowest one is scored, so the sequence 33,34 and 35 is only worth 33 points and not 102 points!

So if you have the 33 point card and the 35 point card, make sure you grab that 34 point card! Just pray it’s not one of the 9 missing card…

The game is for 3 to 5 players and only lasts a few minutes as we play until the 23 cards in play are picked up.



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