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Race for the Galaxy

My newest addition as of September 2015, Race for the Galaxy has often been described unfarily as a multiplayer solitaire in which every player tries to build, as fast as possible, the biggest more powerful empire.

The game is called a Race because the game ends when a turn is finished and either:

    • One player has 12 or more cards in his tableau (where colonized planets and built development go) or,
    • All of the victory tokens set aside at the beginning of the game (12 per player) were claimed

As a result, the game can end rather abruptly when a player either claims the last normal victory tokens (there are 10 spare to finish the turn) or adds his 12th card to his Tableau.

The game features many different strategies which allow you to get points and picking the right strategy isn’t enough: you need to deploy it before the other players!



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