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Seven7s is a card game I backed on Kickstarter in which there are 7 suites of 7 cards associated with the number 7.

We can find:

    • The 7 colors of the rainbow
    • The 7 Seas
    • The 7 virtues
    • The 7 lucky gods
    • the 7 ages of man
    • The 7 deadly sins
    • the 7 wonders

Each turn, players play one card from their hand of 3, and then, redraw to 3 cards to end their turn.

Cards are placed in their appropriate column (Seas, Virtues, Colors, etc…) but card of the current top most color become wildcards, and Age of Men cards are always wildcards.


Placing a card in the right column (but not wildcards) triggers a certain action which can help you.

The game ends when a column has 7 cards and your points are equal to the 3 cards in your hands.

However, for every card in the Age of Man column, the top value is voided. With 1 card, all cards worth 7 points are now worth 0. With 2 cards, all cards worth 6 or 7 points are now worth 0.

Oh, and cards of the top most color are worth the maximum of points allowed as per the Age of Man column.

Confusing? Not that much once you get the hang of it, but it’s very strategic as a single Age of Man card can reduce a 21 point hand to 0 in the last turn…


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