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In Splendor, an semi-abstract eurogame, you buy gem mines and gems in order to expand your Renaissance merchant empire.

Each turn, you perform a single action among the following three choices:

    • Pick 3 different gem disks (or 2 disks of the same gem if there are at least 4 remaining of that type)
    • Use your gem disks, gold disks and existing mines to buy a new mine
    • Reserve a mine by putting in your hands, and receive a gold disk

Each mine produces a single gem per turn which can be used to buy new mines (but can’t be saved), but more advanced mines also give victory points.

Building mines also allows you to get the patronage of nobles which gives additional victory points when you are the first to have built the mines required for that specific noble.

The last turn is triggered when a player reaches 15 points and the player with the most points win.


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