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Star Fluxx

The ever-changing card game…in space!

Star Fluxx is a game with very simple rules:

    • Each player starts with 3 cards
    • The player who first decides to start is the first player
    • Each turn, you draw 1 card and play 1 card according to its type
    • There is no goal allowing you to win

Odd list of rules isn’t it, especially the last one?

The thing is, there are goal cards in the deck. When you play a goal card, it determines the conditions required to win, usually to have 2 specific keepers in front of you.

Keepers are just that, cards that you keep in front of your to let you hopefully win, but many of them have specific actions or benefits.

There are also Actions which let you do special things, and Creepers, which are cards which attach to your keepers and which prevent you from winning, as you can’t win if you have a creeper in front of your (unless the goal requires a creeper, than you can’t win without one).

Confused yet? Don’t worry, that part is simple.

What’s a little more complicated is that there are also rules cards which change the basic rules, forcing to possibly:

    • Draw more cards than 1
    • Play more cards than 1 (including one which forces you to play all cards)
    • Have a maximum number of cards in your hand
    • Have a maximum number of keepers in play
    • Allow to have more than 1 goal active at a time
    • Reset all of the rules back to the basics

Games last from 2 minutes to anywhere upwards including almost 50 minutes for our record as no player was able to push the goals they needed to win.

Star Fluxx is clearly a filler, but it’s an unreliable one as you can’t predict the length of a game.



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