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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is my favorite board game series and was our first Eurogame purchase, over 5 years ago.

Since then, our collection grew but the Ticket to Ride titles, of which this is the first, remains a classic for us and our typical go to game.

This box covers North America (all of the continental USA plus the major cities of Canada).

Granted, even thought we use the Ticket to Ride box for almost all of our games, we rarely play the North America map itself: being the first doesn’t make it the best. Personally, for people getting into the series for the first time, I recommend getting the Ticket to Ride Europe box and then, adding the map packs to your collection rather than getting this one.

Still, for people who love the series, it’s not a bad title in itself. It’s the most basic Ticket to Ride edition and honestly, it’s very challenging, just make sure to get the 1910 mini extension which corrects the small cards and adds a ton of new destination tickets.

Here is my video of how to play Ticket to Ride in under 2 minutes…

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