The first blog I ran on my personal site was in TYPO3. It made sense: I was a TYPO3 developer (and the most experienced in North America in 2017!).

And yet, in 2014 or so, I switch to WordPress, because I use my personal site more as a sandbox than as a bloggin platform: I often pause months between posts and often blog about how I don't like blogs!

In 2014 was when I pivoted to start doing WordPress sites so it made sense to make a WordPress blog for my own personal domain.

In 2017, I began making Fat-Free Framework websites and delivered a few contracts, so I built a Fat-Free Framework blog, which I believe was live only a few days...

I was never fully happy with it and I ended up reverting to my WordPress blog.

In February 2019 however, after a long pause I discovered October CMS, a CMS based on Laravel, a PHP Framework I have been experimenting with for a few months while busy full time on a Vanilla PHP contract.

I fell in love with Laravel in late 2016 but quickly realized that contracts in Laravel were both long (interesting!) but also required pre-existing experience which I didn't have yet.

This is how I began building in Fat-Free instead: it was a small community and there was a large potential.

But it didn't last.. other contracts got in the way and now, I am back to learning Laravel, so in the next few weeks, you should hopefully see regular blog postings about my thoughts on Laravel and other new technologies, and slowly, see my old articles migrated from WordPres (or TYPO3, or Fat-Free).