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A new generational event?

I have been obsessed since I was young with generational events: single events that have a major domino effect over a whole generation.

We are talking about a single moment that people of a generation will remember as the first major event which re-shaped the world of their parents into their own.

At the begining of the century, the Assassination of ArchDuke Ferdinand was one such event: The world had been escalating in a militarized build-up and over-complexifying alliances and that build-up over a whole generation unwound at that particular moment which kicked off The Great Was (we now know ...

Apr 10, 2020 in Blog

What is Test Driven Development?

Test-driven development is when you write the test first, which will fail because you still didn't write the proper code for the test to pass, and then, **make as little coding as possible for the test to pass properly.**

Religious loopholes and the lone wolf problem

One of the big questions frequently asked after a terrorist attack is simply: “Is Islam a violent religion?” with many people shouting on both sides of the answer. I don't believe so, here is my take on the situation.
Jul 18, 2016 in Blog

The worst person of the 20th century: Thomas Midgley JR.

When you ask most people who the worst person of the 20th Century, you often get similar answers: Adolph Hilter, Joseph Stalin, Slobodan Milosevich or other fascist dictators who committed mass killings. I want offer another name to the list: Thomas Midgley Jr. Who? You ask? Read one, this one is a big one…
Jul 17, 2016 in Blog
Uber and Public Schools

Uber and Public Schools

I draw a parallel between Taxis and Public School, or rather, between the fight between Taxis and Uber, and the fight between Private and Public Schools
Does investing 1 billions in Bombardier deprive money from teachers?

Does investing 1 billions in Bombardier deprive money from teachers?

Right now in Québec, teachers are running rotating strikes to contest the so-called cuts in the education system made by the PLQ government of Philippe Couillard and are now furious that the government decided to invest 1 billion in Bombardier. "1 billion for Bombardier, cuts for needy students." was the complaint on a banner.